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 January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part three

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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part three Empty
PostSubject: January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part three   January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part three Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 10:01 pm

[23:54:12] Friendly Cruises : Tina, come on out.

[23:54:13] NDJollyMon : I know one of them Lona...from Bismarck

[23:54:41] Friendly Cruises : Lots of Minn and ND here

[23:54:50] NDJollyMon : I can't find any pics of the Legend being built...which is odd.

[23:54:59] @ Admin : I'd love to Lona Lee, actually, once we get more established I'd like to follow up on that golf vacation idea

[23:55:01] Friendly Cruises : There is noone left in Edgeley ND they are all here

[23:55:05] NDJollyMon : Most ships have pics out there

[23:55:12] NDJollyMon : while being built

[23:55:25] Friendly Cruises : It is top golfing here in winter I'd love to see that happen

[23:55:46] @ Admin : us girls can spa and the guys can golf, it's a win win vacation

[23:55:58] Friendly Cruises : that is true..

[23:56:35] @ Admin : Well since Lona Lee has a meeting in an hour, shall we start and others can just join us as they get here?

[23:56:35] Friendly Cruises : I'll begin planning now, WELL ANYBODY WANT TO TALK RIVER OR BALTIC?

[23:56:48] @ Admin : lol great minds think alike

[23:57:06] Friendly Cruises : BUDAPEST is waiting for fireman

[23:57:22] Friendly Cruises : NDJollyMonve you done your research to see where the firehouse will be

[23:57:23] NDJollyMon : do you know which airline Viking will use to fly us?

[23:57:42] NDJollyMon : No...but I shoot from the hip quite well.

[23:57:57] BrandonH61 : he's got a nose for the firehouses

[23:58:05] Friendly Cruises : BUSINESS CLASS? well they have many they use out of GrandForks. Actually they do use major carriers and use the best route

[23:58:15] NDJollyMon : I'm going to load up some europe maps in my handheld GPS!

[23:58:27] Friendly Cruises : We won't know which ones until later. I'm going to see if they will let us know

[23:58:40] @ Admin : Pete more than likely you'll have to change planes, I think even we will coming back to nyc

[23:58:48] Murphy has joined the chat the Wed 14 Jan 2009 - 23:58

[23:58:56] NDJollyMon : I wanted to join their club to get some air miles!

[23:58:58] @ Admin : There she is, hi susan

[23:59:00] NDJollyMon : Hey Murph!

[23:59:07] Friendly Cruises : GReat Hi, MURPHY

[23:59:27] NDJollyMon : way I can upgrade at those prices

[23:59:29] Friendly Cruises : Susan has gotten off work and I see she has a glass of wine at her desk

[23:59:41] Friendly Cruises : NDJollyMon yes I know

[23:59:45] @ Admin : Hope she's pouring for everyone

[00:00:01] Murphy : I'm trying to catch up,,, what did i miss?

[00:00:15] Friendly Cruises : NDJolly MonBrandonH61 ARE you two at work or off work?
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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part three
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