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 January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part four

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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part four Empty
PostSubject: January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part four   January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part four Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 10:01 pm

[00:00:25] NDJollyMon : early will we know our flight sched?

[00:00:25] Friendly Cruises : Absolutely nothing

[00:00:29] @ Admin : Not much so far Susan firehouses, golf, hawaii, arizona...

[00:00:30] BrandonH61 : at home.. my wife and I are here

[00:00:34] NDJollyMon : home

[00:00:36] @ Admin : chit chat so far

[00:00:59] Murphy : ok. sorry I'm late... bad traffic with the snow

[00:01:02] @ Admin : We just started discussing air routes

[00:01:14] @ Admin : no apologies necessary susan, we're just glad you're here

[00:01:15] Friendly Cruises : I will try and get them to let us know ASAP but they usually say a couple months early

[00:01:52] BrandonH61 : how does the time change work with air travel? Isn't Europe a whole day behind us?

[00:01:56] @ Admin : Is anyone besides me and my family planning on getting to Budapest early?

[00:02:07] Friendly Cruises : about 8 hours or nine from AZ time

[00:02:15] @ Admin : They're actually ahead of us Brandon

[00:02:23] Murphy : Tina, we are flying in the day before

[00:02:23] Friendly Cruises : we leave the day before and usually arrive the next day early

[00:02:39] @ Admin : right, flights will more than likely be overnight

[00:02:44] BrandonH61 : then we can board the ship at any time that day, but it doesn't leave til the next?

[00:02:46] NDJollyMon : I wish I could go early...but more than likely not.

[00:02:57] Friendly Cruises : Susan, will be able to be your guide when you get there

[00:03:18] @ Admin : Susan, we'll hook up if you like and sightsee together

[00:03:40] Murphy : GREAT!

[00:03:44] Friendly Cruises : BrandonH61 Yes you board when you arrive they are good at letting people arrive early

[00:03:51] @ Admin : I'm bad, I still have to get a hotel in Budapest but, they are reasonable so that's a huge plus

[00:04:14] Murphy : I booked the Hilton West end over the weekend

[00:04:31] NDJollyMon : get a good price, Murph?

[00:04:32] @ Admin : So Lona Lee what did you like best about your River Cruise in December. Let us know what we can expect
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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part four
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