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 January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part five

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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part five Empty
PostSubject: January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part five   January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part five Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 10:03 pm

[00:08:18] NDJollyMon : Tina...Ron seems a little stressed...

[00:08:18] Murphy : Going home

[00:08:26] @ Admin : Right unless you're continuing on the Crystal cruise with me

[00:08:38] Murphy : I wish I could!

[00:08:41] @ Admin : Lots going on at home Pete...

[00:08:48] Friendly Cruises : you can Susan

[00:08:51] NDJollyMon : so 9:15 from AMS to NYC?

[00:09:02] Murphy : No direct to ORD-Chicago

[00:09:22] Friendly Cruises : not direct to Grand Forks, ND

[00:09:26] @ Admin : Hey that's great you have found a non stop back to Chicago Susan, that's make it much easier

[00:09:28] NDJollyMon : I understand.

[00:09:34] BrandonH61 : so we would arrive late in GF that night

[00:09:36] NDJollyMon : No...GFK only has NWA

[00:09:42] NDJollyMon : NWA to MSP

[00:10:04] NDJollyMon : small town America

[00:10:11] Friendly Cruises : that would be nice and then one stop do we request that

[00:10:23] Murphy : YOu can take a mule home from ORD if you want to fly with me!

[00:10:36] @ Admin : lol

[00:10:48] NDJollyMon : extra mules, eh?

[00:10:55] BrandonH61 : we might be small, but there are still planes that come in

[00:10:57] NDJollyMon : Do they eat grass?

[00:11:10] Murphy : But they run on rubberbands!

[00:11:19] NDJollyMon : topic!

[00:11:20] Friendly Cruises : I can tell you will have a great time, you will have time to enjoy this and all the tours together

[00:11:42] @ Admin : Lona Lee, did you find they give you enough time to explore on your own in most ports?

[00:11:50] BrandonH61 : are the included tours enough? or should we book some other things?
[23:45:35] Friendly Cruises : I thought I'd do some research on Bungi jumping in Germany before I got on the chat..didn't get it doneBrandonH61
[23:45:54] NDJollyMon : :-)
[23:45:54] BrandonH61 : that's okay. I'll have to look it up.
[23:45:55] Friendly Cruises : May Tina knows something,
[23:46:00] @ Admin : So are we excited or what - this is my first river cruise too so it's all new to me, i'll be learning with you guys
[23:46:14] BrandonH61 : Very excited.
[23:46:21] NDJollyMon : I'm pumped up...I can't wait to meet you guys in person.
[23:46:24] Friendly Cruises : Tina I think these two guys are going to be a little hard to cope with on the trip
[23:46:33] @ Admin : Bungi? That would mean something up high and tying a small piece of rope to myself and praying it works!
[23:46:37] BrandonH61 : nah Wink
[23:46:43] NDJollyMon : maybe we can bungi off the 3rd deck
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January 14 2009 Chat Transcript part five
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