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 Cunard Members - Please Read

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Cunard Members - Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Cunard Members - Please Read   Cunard Members - Please Read Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 11:19 am

Ok everyone - ENOUGH. I'm watching Suspect

Do not take my big hearted nature to mean that I am a push over. One of
the reasons I formed this board is so that people could post freely and
not have to worry about being flamed.

I will not allow this board to turn into a free for all. While ALL opinions are welcome on
here, I do draw the line at antagonistic and mean spirited posts. We
have reached that point. And, I refuse to put Nina in the uncomfortable
position of having to ban someone, so, I am stepping forward to do it.

Being correct in statements or fact does not give anyone the right to
belittle others or make them feel bad enough to let me know they're now
afraid to post in here in fear of what comments may come his or her

The guilty party or parties will be banned for two weeks.
If the guilty party or parties decide to return after two weeks, they
are more than welcome if they can conduct themselves in a civilized
way. If the guilty party or parties continue with mean spirited and
antagonistic posts - regardless of correctness of fact and/or statement
- the ban will be permanent.

I hope I am making myself perfectly clear. This is a privately owned board and,
I do hold the right to ban anyone I see fit.

And, if you think it's as simple as re-registering with a different screen name,
think again, your IP is collected and you will be banned via IP as well as email
address or addresses.
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Cunard Members - Please Read
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