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 My Dad

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Resident Expert

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PostSubject: My Dad   My Dad Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 12:40 pm

My dad,

Went to heaven on Tuesday morning.

He had been battling Luekemia as well as other things for so long.

When we arrived back to Miami on Nov. 10th

I called my Mom and Dad and there was no answer.

So I called my Dad's cell phone and no answer.

I knew something was up.

I got in the shower and got dressed.

My cell rang and my mom said Dad was in the hospital.

As his blood numbers were down and his breathing was not good.

I could not wait till we got off the ship and then knowing we had a long flight home.

I went up to see him on Sunday the 11th and he was doing OK

I went to work on Monday the 12th.

Then on Tuesday the 13th he was rushed to ICU

His breathing was labored and his CO2 level was at 80%

We headed to the hospital and he was on the BIPAP.

I called my sis and by 11 am they were in truck and heading to Michigan from Virginia

Obviously I called in for Tuesday and my sister and BIL arrived in record time. Just over 12 hours.

We told Dad that the girls were flying in on Wednesday the 14th.

And on Wednesday I had told one Doctor to cease with the blood as Dad had told me what he wanted.

But by the evening another doc came in and said they would ween him off the Oxygen as he was improving.

Wow what a change a day can make.

Thursday night they moved him back to a regular room.

Friday Dad got up and we talked for 14 hours and he was doing great.

Saturday I went back to work and my sis and BIL and nieces headed back to VA.

Sunday morning mom called and said Dad was not doing good.

We arrived at the hospital and his CO2 level was at 91%

We stayed from 6 am to noon and he was talking to us but he was in and out

We came home from noon to 3

And when we returned he said that my cousin had been in as well as my mom's sister.

He asked if I had gone to work as I was getting there late.

He was so full of Carbon Monoxide that he did not remember us being there in the morning.

Sunday he kept telling me that he does not want to live on machines.

As we had discused so many times.

On Monday morning when the Blood Doctors PA came in I told her that Dad does not want the BIPAP

anymore. It was very hard to tell her to stop the BiPap and we knew what would happen if he just kept on the O2

Then in the afternoon on Monday the ICU doc came by for a followup and I also told him that No more BiPap.

I thanked him for everything that he did to help my dad.

With Mom there my Dad said to me.


I thought to myself that Dad knew what I wanted to do.

Not to go back to work but to do what my hands have found a talent for.

I told Dad that I would see him in the morning.

The phone rang at 2:29 am Tuesday Morning and they said his heart had slowed.

We rushed over just 4 minutes from my house to the hospital.

When we walked in Dad headed to heaven.


Today I will see Dad at the funeral home

and on Saturday we will lay him to rest.

And then I will return to work for awhile but I do believe that I will do as Dad said

MAKE PENS and more pens.

As following your dreams are the best way to live life.

Sorry I have been MIA but life got in the way.

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NYC Teacher

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PostSubject: Re: My Dad   My Dad Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 11:57 am


So very sorry for your loss!
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Joe Kelly NJ
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Deck Hand
Joe Kelly NJ

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PostSubject: Re: My Dad   My Dad Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 12:26 pm

my condolences....
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Resident Expert - Fashions

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PostSubject: Re: My Dad   My Dad Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 3:30 pm

So sorry for your loss

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PostSubject: Re: My Dad   My Dad Icon_minitime

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My Dad
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