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 Queen Mary 2

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PostSubject: Queen Mary 2   Queen Mary 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2007 10:57 am

Travel Channel UK

Episode 1: All Aboard

Snapshots of life aboard the biggest luxury cruise liner built in the last 40 years. In this first episode, as the ship prepares to sail for England, we explore the dreams and aspirations of some of the crew members, including budding chambermaids Malin and Jenny, second officer Chris, and waiter Alain.
Episode 2: Christenings

The Queen Mary 2 sets sail from St Nazaire for England. With four days at sea for training and preparation, the crew familiarise themselves with the ship. Arriving in England, they are joined by Maureen and Marie-Carmen. It is 6am on Christmas Day - the ship's first Christmas in service.
Episode 3: Anchors Away

It's the first 'welcome aboard' for Maureen and Marie-Carmen, and the first servings (and mistakes) for Alain, Emmanuel and Reena in the restaurant. We leave the Queen Mary 2 at Southampton and re-join her three months later on the 17-day Three Continents Cruise.
Episode 4: Transatlantic

The Queen Mary 2 sets sail on her inaugural voyage, a 17-day 'three continents' cruise to Miami, Dakar and Madeira. The crew are getting the hang of things, although every day on the journey brings a new time zone and another one hour's less sleep.
Episode 5: Land Ho!

Continuing on its Three Continents Cruise, the Queen Mary II heads for Madeira. The real world knocks on Jana and Gerry's door and it's the day of reckoning for Reena and Ivar. After 15 days at sea, crew and passengers alike are saying, 'Is it almost over already?'
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Queen Mary 2
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